Saturday, December 17, 2011

Queen Of Grinding

In California Wildcats "Queen of Denial", we find the standard elements of large chest battles: well endowed performers (Tanya Danielle and Vanessa Blue), script and camera strictly focused on the main theme and ... boredom (lol). I know that there are many fans of this style but one hour and plus just on that! Frankly...



  1. If all the asinine pornography is dropped off, this is actually a promising scene. Take away all the fucked-up, below-the-belt bullshit and the women do rather well. Competitive fem bust and breast hugging/"compressive" stamina activity done in a safe-and-sane manner is really (oh, so !!!) classy, sensuous and great, imho. To each his or her own but at least there is some value I can admire here.

  2. I've never minded a good, adversarial sexfight when the bitching is well-done, etc.

    My big pet peeve with trib/sexfight matches is how bad a lot of these actresses are at faking orgasms when they "lose". You'd think it wouldn't be that hard! :P