Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Back To The Subject

About one week ago, I posted an outstanding music video from France featuring women fighting as the main subject. And today I repeat the motif with a video from the group eRa (eminent Rhythm of the ancestors), led by the French Éric Levi and of New Age lineage. 

The song is named Infanati and the lyrics mix Greek and Latin but it does not mean anything, I was told. The gorgeous brunette, Irene Bustamante, is a member of the group. I also would like to know the stunts who do the fight... 

It is amazing how female fighting imagery is frequently used to convey ... what, exactly? There was a post here in the Blog that did some comments based on the work by Werner Sonntag - "Kampfes Lust", unfortunately available in German only, language I cannot read. Anyway, I feel that this subject need more exploration from a psychology professional - maybe one who is also a fan like us ... (lol).

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