Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Theater Three: Forty Years Old And Beyond

Let us move to another theme on our Theater Three: ladies who like to fight and also have gathered a good amount of life experiences. That is, potential mommies who for one reason or another put up either a catfight or a competitive match under strict rules.

As the traditional add-on, there goes a nude catfight with other elements that may be of interest for you: regular women, undressing, stripping, slapping and ... face sitting. As in most of the time, I am not sure about the source: it can be California Supreme. The battered victim reminds me of someone I cannot put a name on...

Many readers have asked for specific fighting themes; unfortunately, my two main sources, YouTube and DailyMotion, do not carry enough material on those specialties.


  1. This clip is from one of the final Crystal Video Magazines. That is Deb fighting in what they called a consequence match.

  2. Thanks for the information.


  3. Do you by any chance know the exact Crystal Video Magazine video from this? I have almost all of them but I don't remember this fight. I'll look it up tomorrow but I would love to have the actual video from this. What was great about Crystal Videos was that it was amateurs fighting for real... some of the women really hated each other. Those were the good ol days when there was no lawsuits and no regulations so you could actually pull it of.

    thanks for the video

  4. It's Deb vs. Sherri, as noted from the VM's - I thought it was 19, but I haven't checked. Both women used to have Yahoo groups - not sure if the still do. Deb's was MeowTKO and Sherri's was Sherrifights.

  5. From Crystal Catfighting catalog, comes the information that is really VM 18.


    Thanks everybody for participating.