Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Food For Thought

The other day I made a few remarks on the female fighting fetish. By coincidence, I have found a long and thoughtful personal account about the subject that was published long time ago but it is still valid. Of course, some fifty years later, the scenario is a lot richer as to the availability of "objects": text, images, videos, art, sculpture and so on. Could we imagine the author´s opinion nowadays? It is interesting to note the last words in the mentioned text: "But the thing sure gets bigger, doesn´t it!". Sure it does!



  1. Very nicely said.

    Where is this drawing taken from? The women look very old-school (which I love); they've been in a ring before! And the women in red had her bathing suit ripped in the perfect place :)

  2. It is a drawing of my own. It is software based.

    Thanks for the feedback.


  3. That is fantastic work - you are truly multi-talented.

    Could you be persuaded to do more of this type?


  4. Thanks,Mark. I would love to do more drawings but time constraints make that difficult lately. In the meantime, you can check
    to see more drawings, including very good ones from my fellow fetish artists.