Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sub-Genre #5

I am not a great fan of number five: three women tussling, with two partnering against a chosen victim. I really do not the reason why some fighting scenarios are more appealing to one person: I will let that problem to the yet to find psychologist who will fully decipher the fetish.

Anyway, there go three samples (all on the the nude and very old...) of the subject: first two sequences  from Student Fetish Videos; the third one (bad image quality) might be from them but I am not sure.



  1. Two women working over a victim is not appealing to me, but 1 vs. 1 vs. 1 is nice, as is the rare occasion when the 1 is the equal of the 2 - DWW had a few matches like that, particularly with Kriszta as the 1. More girls rolling around all over each other - what's not to like?

  2. I agree, it's not something that is particularly appealing to me, though I did like the look of the short-haired brunette in the last clip!

    In general, though, I prefer the one-on-one competitions, or even tag teams. When it's not even, there is something missing.

    Oh, though the first poster has a point. One girl dominating two is kind of hot. :)


  3. This was (still is?) a staple of pro wrestling, especially with the heels (the bad ones)taming up on the poor face (the nice - and inevitably pretty wrestler). Moolah and her fellow heels specialized at this of course.

    Even when a heel was a far superior wrestler and would have easily beaten her opponent, she was often helped by a fellow heel.