Thursday, January 19, 2012

Multi-Purpose Fighters (1)

There are competitive wrestlers with skills ans strength, there are erotic fighters who take and give pleasure to her opponent/partner and there are rare cases where the woman is good in both scenarios!

We begin this series with two examples: Nadege and (to my surprise) Grace. First the competitive side: Nadege against Eva for DWW310 and Grace against Kissy for FemWin. In the erotic moment, these two women spent most of the "fight" rubbing themselves in a garden for a DWW production.



  1. It is interesting how many of the DWW girls take part in their TRIB series.While some do it purely for the money,some are also bi and others 100% lesbian.The wrestling scene as always attracted a number of girls who though they would never admit to their men folk that they would like to get close to another girl use wrestling as a first chance.


  2. Nice Grace collection. Keep searching for her most recent in white top & blue bottoms fighting River; perhaps best one. It was on YouTube but they pulled it. ??