Friday, January 20, 2012

A New Old Fight

The awkward post title has come from one old Beatrice Goffin fight uploaded to YouTube that I have included in my playlist about the legendary Belgian wrestler. Besides the good wrestling, the fight features an young and fresh Kristie Etzold - it might be one of her first matches on her long career.

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  1. Beatrice Goffin was one of the best wrestlers of her era; having her own private wrestling facility Jemelle, in the Belgium Ardennes she was frequently visited by many for matches as did she around the world.

    Untill her activities became public in the Belgium media a the Nationwide scandal was created because the ordinary people did not understand what wrestling like this was all about. Beatrice and her husband were indited for prostitution by the gorvernment.

    I think that scandal (what scandal?) was probably why Beatrice vanished from the wrestling scene which is a shame because she was very skilled and I wish she would have been around a bit longer to take on other well known names and especially New Zealands Lisa Marie for TPC; that would have been an very interesting matchup.

    Anyway, during time Belgium has produced some other excellent female wrestlers such as Tania (known from APL), Nadege of course and also blonde Xana whom I think was a proteguee of Beatrice somehow.

    Beatrice Goffin, you are underestimated and missed !

  2. She was in the twilight of her career when this happened, and unfortunately it was a sad ending to what was an extraordinary life.

    The unfortunate part is she was such a lousy marketer. She has so many matches and was one of the few to meet and compete against all comers. Her matches with Leonie, Sherry, Lina & Maggie could certainly be packaged and sold with a commentary to many of her fans.

    She should be celebrated for her contribution to the scene and for both victories and the few defeats as many want to hear more detail and comments as to her career.