Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ultimate Review

After finding a first-hand account of a session of Ultimate Surrender fights, I have decided to give another look at their fights. The previous review I had done was not quite positive about their productions. And today, the verdict is ... better than the other one. As you can see in the samples below, there are wrestling on the stage (or in the garden...). The moves and holds can satisfy the fan, specially with the top camera view. 

Would I buy it? I am not sure, they still need something to be as good as Mildred Burke nude pro-wrestling. I do not care about the porn except they are wasting much space in the image file...


  1. I subscribed for a while. An interesting concept with some decent wrestling and some really amazing matches, such as Vendetta v Syd for the championship some seasons ago. There is a sameness to it all, though, and I don't find the strap-on endings interesting.

  2. Yes, I think you got the point: it is always the same thing with different players...

  3. Where did you read the first hand review? I would be interested in hearing commentary from the participants.

  4. There is a link embedded in the "first hand..." text: just click over. I have changed the color scheme of links to facilitate finding them.

    Thanks for asking: I guess many readers have had the same problem.