Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Two bouts with huge and powerful women in full competitive mode are in the sample below. However, while the first draws a good amount of attraction, the second looks excessive and not sexy at all.

The first one has Joanne and Tania for Female Muscle World; the second one has Matrice against Monica for Crush Wrestling.

Note: no sound in both fights.


  1. Crush wrestling comes close to being the successor to Premier with buff, energetic wrestling, but they don't quite hit the mark. The quality of the wrestling is poor.

  2. Thought all clip segments were excellent.

    (BTW ... any sound ??? ... didn't hear any ...)

  3. I agree with Anonymous. You can say that the women didn't always go 100% (except anything with Ziggy in it!) but Crush's women seem to go at half-speed and I'm not sure any of them know more than full nelsons or bodyscissors.


  4. Either segment has no sound. Sorry.

  5. action aside, they are very sexy looking

  6. I had all the elements of great Black vs white wrestling struggle...both Joanne and her sexy opponet afrika were great ,however her the muscle bound blonde was the clear winner!