Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Wrestler With A Quick Temper

Talking again about wrestling careers, I have chosen Sally McNeil, the mercurial body builder who got in personal troubles and had to end her career prematurely. I have always considered Sally one of the more resolute fighters in the sport and one who did not accept to be in the loosing side. When the combat was favorable, she would run for a quick submission; when was not, well... the fight with Ziggy shows the reaction (it was already commented elsewhere in the Blog). In the plus side, she used to have an astonishing combination of buttocks, thighs and legs.

The sample has our super-muscle fighter against: Tigra (a respectable opponent), Maro and Ziggy (Premier V93), Lisa Marie for Women Warriors (total wipe-out), Dawn Whitham, Golden Kat (cat and mouse fight) and two brief interviews.

If you want to know more about Sally bad moments, there is a link that tells her story.


  1. Sally certainly had a temper, whether or not steroid-induced, but I doubt that body slams had been agreed in the terms for her match with Ziggy. Lisa Marie (aka Treena Collins) was never really a serious wrestler but towards the end of her ordeal at the hands of Sally she fought with unexpected fury and conviction.Since Sally was her opponent, though, it was all to no avail.

  2. Bodyslams were likely not agreed upon but that was an extremely tough match, many times more aggressive than the usual PP match. Sally had tried for a double leg takedown and Ziggy cleverly defended.

    Sally's match against TiGra waa classic. As I recall Tigra won 4-3 I think but it was battle. My favourite submission was Sally catching Tigra in a headscissor. Tigra held on then almost meekly tapped out.

  3. First of all is Lisa Marie NOT the same as Joan Wise's Treena Collins; adjusting that small hickup.

    As a admirer of Lisa Marie I have to agree that she could not stop Sally as the taller Kiwi was hopefully hired by the staff of Woman Warriors on two seperate occasions.

  4. As Airlock says, Lisa Marie was a pretty good wrestler in her own right but just no contest for Sally. I'd imagine the only women who could beat Sally (and it didn't happen often) had to have been much stronger (unlikely) and / or better skilled (ideally with BJJ.

    The list wasn't long :)

  5. great vid. I have a bunch of sally's vids. would have loved to see her wrestle Thresa Bostick. would have to have given it to Thresa

  6. There is a match of Sally being dominated and struggling against Larissa (5-10, 185lbs). I don't recall if she lost her temper but I believe she lost conciousness briefly. I think she even hoisted Sally up in an over-the-shoulder back-breaker. They both wore one-piece suits and the production may have been
    Joan Wise. It felt a bit scripted but I could be wrong.