Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Had Not Seen It

NWWL - Naked Women´s Wrestling League produced little footage during its five, six years lifetime. It is a pity because with improvements here and there, it could have been very entertaining. I have found this fight over DailyMotion which I was not aware of:: here it goes in full... lenght and nakedness (including the gorgeous referee).



  1. I love how the loser acts in the final submission hold. And the grin on the winner

  2. I LOVE a naked lockup!


  3. The NWWL produced several of these studio fights for their members,using a number of girls on their roster, including their public show stars such as Annie Social and Ninja Chops and newer girls such as the two shown in this video. I had most of the videos at one time, but regretably I didn't keep them as I was expecting more NWWL public shows. Now I only have what excerpts I have been able to scrounge from sources on the Net.

  4. Maybe it would have been a real success if the producers would have dropped the commentaring voice....fights are excellent.

  5. OMG this is so beautiful!!!

    I've been searching for these NWWL's videos (post-Carmen Electra matches) for a long time!!! Googling "nwwl" related expressions almost every week.

    And finally I found this

    11 NEW videos (2 are old matches), all of them hosted by ORON... and ORON is not working anymore... This seems to be a nightmare!!!!

    Please, anyone that appreciate NWWL and its gorgeous chicks, please, help us to grab those videos, someone please upload them again in an working file host, anything...

    OBS.: There are matches where the NWWL girls wrestle topless, but i could find only small fragments in DailyMotion. They are welcome too.

  6. Nice blog, BTW the clip was provided by rocca25 on dailymotion, not u835368.