Friday, June 29, 2012

Shy And Dangerous

Watching Treena getting ready for a catfight against Heidi, one may think that the the white skin beauty would be mauled by the angered face blonde. But if you watch the full video from ECNWC (CF-37), you are going to see the beauty turning into a beast.



  1. Thanks for posting another clip from the BEST cat fight producer out there. If their DVD's would play on my computer or DVD player I'd own every one they produced.

    If you have access to their #32 "Three Shorter Fights' and could post the Camille vs Mia, I'm sure everyone would love to see it. It's very short and has the most ruthless crotch attack to a submission you'll ever see.

    How these guys arrange such fights is beyond me ...

    Thanks again for another sample of ECNWC :>)

  2. Hi remember to tag videos with wedgie if there is a wedgie in it. much appreciated. This wedgie is awesome!

  3. Absolutely love Treena Collins AKA Lynn Marie who just seems to get better to watch as she matures from JoanWise to Cali-Wildcats to ECNWC. She seemed to have stopped after being dominated by Heidi in her match at ECNWC. From a fans point of view, she was a her peek and should have kept on performing. Love the way she kept the natural carpeting downstairs which was rarely seen!
    She was ahead of her time and definitely all-time top-five stars. Bring her back! DPCheese

  4. Absolutely the greatest; Treena Collins! Not hard to say why.
    The way she moans? Her awesome body? The way you could almost see her bush ? If only she was still at it. The nature of the has changed since her heyday. But would she look
    great at the academy ?

  5. Great five in no particular order: Treena Collins, Chantel Lace, Rubye Reilly, Petra from DWW, Goldie Blaire.

  6. Treena Collins; perhaps the greatest erotic wrestler of all time which has nothing to do with wins & losses,by the way. It is the way she conveyed emotion and drama across the screen. Every effort should be made to bring her back as looked better than ever in her last appearance which seemed to be ECNWC. What a MILF !

  7. More Treena Collins...PLEASE !!!!

  8. Don't disappoint; CF-37 is followed by CF-38!
    Treena dominates in 37, but Heidi comes on strong in 38. Treena is such a beautiful damsel. She should make a comeback.