Monday, September 3, 2012

If You Happen To Have A VHS Player

I was browsing the links in order to make a housekeeping, due to Google Blogger failure to fix the updating problem (after six months, I guess it is not a priority...), when I stumble upon the venerable Fighting Females Video Rental Club (FFVRC). I checked the link and they are alive with 7,000 titles to rent! Since they opened up in 1984, they should be the oldest female fighting related business in operation.

I used their services in 1990s for a couple of years and they were always reliable. The only shortcoming was the difficulty of getting the first priority video in the request list; but, since they had so many unseen fights, it was not a big deal to get the second or third option.
I wander how they have gotten to stay in business after so many changes in technology - PCs were still a novelty and the Web was just a twinkle in Tim Berners-Lee eye. My VHS player, for instance, should nowadays be an iPhone dock connector after being recycled...
Browsing its huge catalog, one may find fighting gems - like Video Sports combats, which are almost impossible to watch over the Internet. How much does it cost a VHS player on eBay????

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  1. I'm still on their e-mailing list ... if it's the same one run by a guy named Gene... and used them quite a bit in the past. I still have a VCR/DVD combo but just don't go through the trouble of renting from them any longer after becoming spoiled with clips-for-sale sites and downloads like all of us.

    They were/are very reliable , never had any problems in my rental experience with them.

    If I remember correctly Califonia Wildcats and DWW went to great lengths
    to shut him down when he started .