Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Here We Go Again...

... with a a controversial subject. As discussed last week about NWWL, several producers have shut down their sites in recent years and others have removed many videos from the catalog. Many Blog readers have written to me asking for sources to buy/rent theses videos: as far as I know, there are none.
One case is APL, a very old operation but with a catalog without the old fights. It has come to my hands one of these vintage fights: APL 158-1 Tania vs Britta Olsen. And I have decided to display the full fight here...
If someone is offering legitimate copies of the video, please, let me know and I will remove it immediately.

Note: this is not the same Tania vs Britta  fight whose excerpt was shown in an old post.


  1. Another company who has a catalog without the old fights is DWW; it is extremely hard to find old matches with former DWW champion Manuela, Hana and Marie-Laure.


  2. Speaking of old DWW fighters, today in theater 4 as 'x p1' former DWW champion Manuela (curly hair) vs up n coming track student Hana in Battle of the Champions. Manuela will be able to defend her titla succesfully against Hana, in the next match French Marie-Laure will wipe the floor with Manuela, beating the DWW champion 3-) and taking her title. This would be the last performance of Manuela for DWW.


    1. Thanks Airlock_NL for your usual dose of good information to the Blog.