Friday, September 7, 2012

September Deviations

I skipped August report due to the shortage of material. September is much better mostly because there a dozen renderings from FightFantasies, all of them of outstanding quality.


  1. Thanks for posting these. My favorite is the Thanksgiving fight which reminds very much of the topless knife fight from the movie Ramrodder. Was this picture part of a series? If so I would love to see the whole fight.

    1. You are welcome. The Thanksgiving scene is just one of the storyboard the authors have published. You will have to check them at


  2. This site is horrible slow, or is it my computer? Well I was banned from Deviant Art cause of "Pornografic material". I can still visit it but not contribute. Well my drawings was quite cruel and crude but the responses was humourous and cheerful and me and many had many laughs and a good time. The pics that you present here are mostly stiff 3D "drawings" and often i descent bathing suits with no "sex-appeal" at all! Because many, even women, gets aroused seeing females in combat and I pushed the edge far beyond what DA found proper! My fighters was mostly nude, wellshaved and fought to the death with blood and gore. I had fun doing them many years ago and dont regret any! Commodianus/Commodus