Monday, September 17, 2012

Images From A Star

I have gotten more fighting videos and excerpts from Beatrice Goffin. They are in the updated playlist below (it was posted sometime ago with a shorter list of movies). More on Beatrice this Wednesday.

(Click in the central arrow to watch the first clip; the a menu bar will appear at the bottom; click again at the arrow at the menu bar center to see the other clips; hey, YT, try simplifying the things...)

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  1. It's crazy ... even though I love seeing two drop-dead gorgeous Foxy Combat-type girls wrestling, catfighting or sexfighting , sometimes women that are older and less than runway models in the looks department can do it for me just as well :>) This first match here with Leonnie is a great example.

    I was never a Beatrice fan to where I'd seek out her stuff to buy but there was always something about her that had me watch any clip I was able to come across. I also am aware that is where the great Nadege got her wrestling instruction and start . I wonder if Beatrice also taught her sex fighting skills :>o ??

    I remember hearing of Beatrice being 'busted' for something and after that she disappeared. Does anyone know what really happened ?

    Thanks for posting these clips ... it's the most I've ever seen of her and enjoyed them. Doing stuff like this for the rest of us nuts is why we all keep telling you your blog is the best thing that happened since Barb's old board ended.

    Thanks again !

    1. Thank you for the kind remarks about the Blog. I would say you are right about Beatrice´s sex fight expertise and Nadege was certainly a good student. I read somewhere that Beatrice had sexual pleasure in many of her fights; by sheer coincidence, tomorrow we will have another (and rare) Beatrice Goffin fight where she was not shy of demonstrate her skills in the erotic department.


    2. I think I have scetched what happened with Beatrice Goffin in 2 seperate sections in this blog but I cannot remember what. In short the main Reason Beatrice was busted is that female on female and mixed wrestling like Beatrice practiced in Jemelle(about 70 miles from here) was considered as prostitution activities when in became known to public and she was forced to shut things down; am not aware she still lives in Jemelle but it might be; maybe she is still active under tha radar. In Belgium and in Europe these forms of female combat are still considered a taboo.


  2. The freestyle match is the most erotic of the bunch. But thanks for all, astro.