Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Images From Two Stars

Following the plan of posting full matches not available elsewhere to buy, I have uploaded the famous Women Warriors nude combat between Beatrice Goffin and Lee Price. It was not the best fight of either one but it was an one-of-a-kind event. I heard it was supposed to be a private match but Women Warriors put it in the market for an outrageous price: US$70, some twenty years ago!
As usual in that producer´s style, there was a face sitting scene at the end (a long one, by the way): I have decided to edit that and used only a couple of minutes of the original. Don´t ask me why: I am not coherent...



  1. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!! Very exciting!!!! I love Beatrice Goffin!!! Lee is a great wrestler. She won Ziggy in a competitive match.

  2. Lee Price was quite popular 20 years back; one of the first more buffed/muscular wrestlers on the circuit who preformed for several companies like Women Warriors and Joan Wise. Maybe that explains the price of the tape as well as the fact it was a naked match wihich wasn't really common in those days; topless was more accepted. Anyway, Beatrice a technical and experienced European wrestler fairly unknown in the USA takes the USA star wrestler Lee Price on in a naked private wrestling match ... interesting esp. in those days. If I was a fan of either of them I might have paid the 70 bucks too ;)


  3. Holy shit Astro, you're making a real Beatrice fan out of me, LOL !

    This was great! Not only did you give me more of Beatrice who I already said has this weird magnetism about her but here she is paired up with Lee Price, a girl I really liked the looks of 'back in the day'.

    I never saw any of Lee's stuff because I only saw her matches offered by producer Joan Wise and they were about the highest priced wrestling company then. I think one reason I'm attracted so much to Nicole from Foxy Combat is because she reminds me of Lee.

    This nude match was a great find and thanks for sharing it.

    Any hard-core Beatrice fans know of any other matches like this she did that might be out there ? I'd love to see " Nadege's instructor " in a trib match .....

  4. Fantastic post... though I wish you hadn't editing down the facesitting. Any chance you can post the full version?

    1. No. I was told Beatrice did not like the commercial release of this private match and the scenes showed here were already somewhat excessive.

  5. HI, I was wondering if anyone has seen the oil match btw "Fifi" and the blond cheerleader in "Trashy Ladies Wrestling". Have never seen it on internet. I found it a little sexy, esp pre-wrestling segments. Hoping our moderator can get a copy and place here. Thanks.

  6. This was the video that at the time solidified Beatrice as the alpha (Fe)male when it came to submission wrestling. I always was attracted to Beatrice and her real submission wrestling. Certainly not attracted to her looks. A body built for wrestling but not one to salivate over..... She was the classic representation of what I expected a submission wrestler to be in the 809's-90's.....

    Yes all the tapes I had seen of her to that point she had won and usually showed a dominant side. Yes she had submitted a fall here and there but always came out on top.

    Here though she showed her dominance over who I thought was a bigger, stronger, younger skilled opponent. She almost break her in two with a scissors and easily reverses what looks like dangerous situations all in less then 12 minutes.

    Now though I have seen both sides, wins and losses and respect Beatrice more that she was able at times to add a little story make the match seem more personal in nature and also trash talk in broken English.

    When she is sitting on Lee and stating that no one can beat her and she enjoys dominating I believed it.....

    The best are her encounters vs.Leonie (the two in real life did not like each other), her 5th match vs. Sherry (who had trained, was much bigger and put on it seemed 15 lbs), vs. Maggie and never seen elsewhere the very attractive Dina, who may have been a Dr when not on tape (don't hold me to that).

  7. Again, thank you so much for posting this. I bought this video many years ago but sadly recycled it . It remains one of my favourite matches and Bea one of my favourite wrestlers. She is so dominant and skilled. When she is on top of Lee having her way with her...

    Imagine Bea in a Ultimate surrender or Academy match:)

  8. I just found the full match for sale on the website along with with some more of her matches too. Can't wait to get it in the mail!

  9. great match, they don't make matches like that anymore. Vintage, competitive match Lee Prices one the the best gets handled by Beatrice Coffin the best even.

  10. Great Female catfight combat.Lees submissions to Beatrices powerful thighs are superb.Great domination submission to end,with Beatrice completely smothering Lee but releasing for her to briefly breath then covering again.Surprised Beatrice also tormented her opponent with the reverse face sitting pin.Great !

  11. Perhaps the best catfight EVER !

  12. One of the best face sits ever.The face sit domination hold must be best woman to woman hold ever.To see a women force another to lick and taste her while her face is forced into a large dark minge is fantastic to see.