Wednesday, September 26, 2012

In The Raw For Real (28): Battle Of Tattoos

One almost cannot see Artemis body in this Fighting Style match so covered by tattoos she is, besides all sorts of pads and patches (just kidding: the visible flesh is outstanding). Her opponent, with less external marks and a milk like skin, is Lutetia (?), equally attractive and sexy.



  1. Lovely sexy, fleshy struggle. Both girls get top marks for looks and effort. Thanks for posting.

  2. Have anyone here attended one of the Fighting Style events ? From the USA it seems an impossibility to actually go to one (for myself anyway) but curious if anyone here has attended one ?

    Please post some info if you've been to one ... Thanks.

  3. The darkhaired girl's name is Lucretia. She used to
    wrestle for festelle and always in the same wondeful
    clothing as in this clip!