Friday, September 28, 2012

Real Warriors (I)

Lee Price did not fare very well in her match against Beatrice Goffin last week, but here, against the exotic Jasmine, she was at her best even being already a mature woman. A struggle full of good wrestling holds (and sexy) that will end by the customary face sitting epilogue applied by the winner.
This is the first part of the full Women Warriors video that is not available for sale anywhere else (as far as I know...). You will have the second and final part tomorrow.



  1. Wow, what a find. Too bad the video quality is poor, but thanks anyway.

  2. Real competitive female nude wrestling is the most
    exciting and arousing sport in the world. in
    my opinion only DWW and Festelle have produced
    female nude wrestling as good or better than
    this one.

  3. Jasmine is something ! I'd like to find more if her ,,, what other companies did she wrestle for ?