Saturday, September 29, 2012

Real Warriors (II)

Second and last installment of Lee Price vs Jasmine for Women Warriors. Hope this will be an incentive to holders of this producer fights will come forward to share them to the fans.



  1. Thanks for sharing it. Like I said in the Beatrice/Price thread, I always wanted to see Lee in action but with so many other producer options in women's wrestling at the time, I just didn't buy from Joan Wise, who at the time seemed the only one with her.

    How I missed Women Warriors when they were around I don't know but didn't find out about them until long after they were gone. I remember seeing a Robin/Christine Dupree match of theirs that I got as a 'bonus' from sponsoring one of Robin's more recent matches but until this one, it was all I ever saw of Women Warriors.

    Thanks for posting this ... seems like I really missed out with them. I think another producers had purchased the rights to sell their stuff but don't know who .. .anyone know ?

    1. Go to the website and clic enter.
      In the studiolist clic lesfemmes fatales.
      They have a very long list of movies so you
      may limit your search to female wrestling and
      keyword nude. Very good fights are:
      Angela vs Tina; Christine vs Tina;
      Lisa Marie vs Raven;Lisa Marie vs Jackie;
      Tina vs Raven; Jacky vs Christina.
      Good Luck!

    2. Yes, interesting information. I was planning to post some of these matches but to follow my own rule I cannot do that anymore.
      However, it is strange that they don´t mention Women Warriors at all as the original source... So...

    3. does clips4sale have just segments?
      pls post as many of these as you can/feel comfortable. Women Warriors made some of the best competitive matches ever. Would love to see as many posts as possible!!

    4. Thanks very much for the clip info and especially for suggesting clips. I will check those out :>)

  2. Women Warriors was a producer of excellent competitive fights, even better than the ones produced by DWW, Fighting Style and others in activity. The women gave their best to win in those combats. In the beginning, they fought either in bikinis or topless but later on the format "evolved" to the fully naked with the face sitting award at the end. To our pleasure...
    Unfortunately, the owner (whose name I used to remember...)died of an heart attack at the best moment of the company and left no heirs (as far as I know). Women Warriors videos can be found from a re-seller on the Internet and on eBay from time to time.
    I do have a couple of other fights and have plans to post them in full.

  3. I had the pleasure of meeting/wrestling Beatrice the day after she destroyed Lee (actually at Lee's place where that video was filmed). I asked Beatrice who won; she was almost indignant, such was her faith in her skills. She then took me apart. But what fun!!!
    Lee was a fabulous wrestler as seen here. But Beatrice was simply in another league. She was unreal to wrestle. Wiry but so strong and so talented. Not very pretty in person, but was a fighter.

  4. It was i that wrote about clips4sale and
    Lesfemmesfatales. I have absolutely NO connection
    to or any economical interest in any of these
    companies. I just want to help those who like
    myself seek for realy competitive and intense
    female nudwrestling with welltrained athletic
    women. Many producers at the internet claim they
    make competitive nudewrestling but very few realy
    do. You pay and download what thnk is something
    good but when you watch it you feel that you
    have been robbed. I know, I have spent a lot of
    money on crap! Therefore i want to give some tips:
    In my opinion there are three companies that have
    produced good competitive female nudewrestling:
    DWW, Festelle and woman warriors, and think the
    very best are from DWW and Festelle. But
    beware! They have also made many bad ones! here
    are some tips on good ones. All fights from
    DWW-135, all from DWW-142, Anna L. vs Aniko
    from DWW-227, a very intense and bitter fight.
    DWW-229, DWW-279 especially Antscha vs Anna l.,
    FOM-205 and of course the very best one of them
    all, the outstanding Timea C. vs Xana from
    FOM 235.And there are still others. From Festelle
    we have Tina vs Anita from FV-112 (bad sound though)
    All from FV-125 ,FV-131 except Black orchid vs Dani.
    Oops... this became very long,i'll be back later.
    Good Luck!

  5. Thanks for the info. I went to check out some of the DWW titles you mentioned and just now realized there is no listing for DWW in the column of links to the right. Is this an over site or something DWW doesn't want ? I know they can be real 'funny' about things like this .... just wondering.

    With all the help everyone is to each other here, it's too bad there isn't a message board we can all discuss this stuff without using up so much of this site bandwidth.

    1. DWW absence was a big oversight...

      From my side, you can use all the available space here to exchange information.


  6. Just wanted to say thanks for this vid. and the Beatrice one. These are the best and most intense wrestling vids I have ever seen.And nude to boot ! If you can post more please do. Thanks again.