Monday, October 15, 2012

Becky, Trisha And The Octopus

Octopus Grapevine: that is the name given to this exquisite wrestling hold by STJ, the catalog keeper of all variations of female fighting positions. Trisha got caught in this hold months ago and now it is her turn to be in the dominant position. At that time, our two fighting symbols did not know the hold name but a look at STJ´s Yahoo Group provided the information.

However, Becky and Trisha are not pros and it is not a perfect Octopus Grapevine like the ones in the photos and in the two clips from Japan, put together below.

For collectors who have missed the previous hold, there it goes.



  1. Looks similar to a side surfboard which was not as effective at scoring submissions as a full surf but never the less was an excellent weakener which very often left the victim vulnerable to a full boston crab

  2. Side surfboard effective when used by a lighter women to extract either a submission or weakener.As per the regular surfboard/ceiling hold the it usually a screaming submission .One of my favourites