Friday, October 12, 2012

A Curious Character

Few days ago, YouTube featured a landslide of clips with Frankie Zappitelli being submitted by the whole roster of Double Trouble wrestlers (I suppose they were the producers but I could see a STJ banner in one moment:  I actually never understood the female fighting producers ecosystem). Frankie´s long ordeal was removed from YT and then I put together a sample of those pro holds. 

Our heroine was already subject of a post long ago but I confess I had never payed much attention to her despite that gorgeous body. Now I found her blog where she defines herself as "a true renaissance woman who has a flair for wearing a lot of different hats well". Besides staged wrestling, what "hats" is she talking about? One I have found: she has another artistic name, Bella Maria Wolfe, and was the main character in movies like "Up Your Ass", "Gangbang Auditions 11" and the sort. Yes, the Renaissance is well known as a period of perversions...

Anyway, I have nothing to do with other people professional life. In the fighting scene, she is really a beautiful figure and knows the basics of the wrestling trade. Catfight Report did an interview with Frankie in 2009 when she was doing a lot of fights for Double Trouble. 

Despite the porn experience, I have never heard of Frankie´s participation in the likes of Ultimate Surrender. She was the producer and actress of the documentary "Heart and Sweat", apparently not a box office success.
Now she appears in another documentary "Ballerina, I´m Not", again with Christie Ricci. (humm, is that a reborn "Heart and Sweat"???).

Anyway again, Zappitelli ring performance is still on YouTube, against Liz Light Speed (here and here), Christie Ricci and Neko.

I guess the Submissions series was produced by Ring Women Video.


  1. According to a forum I am a member of, Frankie did a lot of x-rated scenes.
    For 2 more clips of Frankie being submitted, check out when you search for Zappitelli.


  2. a lot of those are ones i put up on my youtube page, until stupid youtube suspended my account for it

  3. you can find Frankie's personal website here: includes a link to her upcoming movie as well. :)