Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Real Warriors (V)

Third and last segment of Women Warriors Raven vs Jasmine.


  1. Great series, thanks. Love the hair, and love the chat and how the women relate to each other.

  2. I keep kicking myself for missing Women Warriors when they were in existence ... must have been before I had the internet to rely on. I was also very guilty of picking a favorite company and sticking with them; Premier Productions being my favorite back then.

    Anyway, I really like how WW did matches with interview etc and the women seeming to enjoy doing the whole thing.

    I like Jasmine a lot after seeing her here and can't say I've seen her anywhere before this. I still think she's nuts for wrestling with ear rings let alone nipple rings. It's amazing she never had a bad accident doing so.

  3. Yes, that is right: they shut down after few months being live on the Internet. Beforehand, it was more difficult and cumbersome (and expensive)to get to know all video providers. We live in good times after all!
    But nobody has tried to reenact Women Warriors style 100%.

    And Jasmine was completely nuts...