Monday, November 19, 2012

Battle Of The Nipples

First of all, this Academy ACA 223 Leigh vs Brooke is a good fight. The women are gorgeous with perfectly built (well, you know...) breasts complemented by beautiful faces and toned muscles. But what got my attention was the size of the nipples, specially Leigh (the girl with a purple thong) ones. At one point in the fight, they look like large nuts of two bolts holding those hemispheres in place. I guess the caresses done by Brooke helped their erection like... well, you know. 
Add a double headscissor, a cobra hold and a brief frontal wedgie at the end, one cannot complain about lack of the entertainment in the movie.



  1. I think Charlene Rink had the biggest nipples ... they could have put an eye out.

    1. LOL, there should be a ranking somewhere...