Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lesson In Eroticism

Once more, the sexy Darling, her body and fighting skills, is the subject. Everybody agreed that her Femwin combat against Sammy is pretty engaging due mostly to what she does not show (very little) using that high cut thong leotard. 

Now, just compare that with two Ultimate Surrender matches - where she destroys Mia Stiletto and Iona Grace and provide some gynecological examination: isn´t the above combat sexier? By the way, isn´t the fight also more competitive?



  1. I just don't think competitive matches are sexy. Nude or clothed.

  2. I agree ... in this case less is better.

    Is Darling her entire stagename ?

  3. Thanks for posting these. I am the guy who recently suggested one box here be dedicated to sexfight. In this instance I think the top video is sexier both because it is more competitive and also because blond at one point puts all the weight of her chest on that of her opponent at one point---and you can see her opponent struggle with this! good vids.

  4. I like Darling wearing that high cut one piece better than the naked wrestling in Ultimate Surrender to be honest.

    In this case less is not better