Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lazy Fight

A copycat of Ultimate Surrender, Erotic Woman Fight does not try to do anything different but just worse. While watching EWF23 Sofia vs Marta, I almost sleep on top of my PC keyboard...



  1. LOL, you're right, that has to be the lamest clip I've ever seen and over the years I've seen some awful acting in female wrestling.

    What gets me is you'd think that someone having the funds, equipment, girls and location to start a production company would also have enough sense to realize what would be 'acceptable' and what wouldn't. You'd have to be drunk or drugged to think this was good enough to release.

    Unless .....

    this was supposed to be something like a MadTV parody of our female wrestling interest. Maybe that's what this new company is, LOL ?

  2. Have rarely seen anything this awful. Thanks for sharing. :-)