Monday, December 17, 2012

Treena Exposed

Back to the past, back to Treena Collins, the wonder woman who provided exciting entertainment using charm and rubenesque curves. Well, I am sure she appeared stark naked (under another name) for Savage Video but that fight has eluded me so far. Meanwhile, there is a Joan Wise video - VT146, against Lauren, where my goddess is 99,9% nude in certain moments: they comprise a good half of the bout sample below. Which is a good catfight, by the way.



  1. Treena Collins/Lynn Marie; definitely my favourite or at least top five. She was ahead of her time. Appeared in California Wildcats 100% nude for 1/2 the match and also on the cover of a euro magazine climbing from a pool. I tore off the cover and threw the magazine away! Last seen in ECNWC in a tough match. Looked incredible! Always dramatic. Nobody compares with her these days. Keep searching.
    Come back, Teena !!!

    1. Would you know in which California Wildcats and ECNWC did she appear?


  2. That was a great match.. I think Lauren said 'Kiss my ass" at one point,and Treena replied "I want too"... Both women loving the match.. The tension great.. Very real.. I net they had a great private time ! Every opponent Treena/Lynn had were so ATTRACTED to her,or jealous...

  3. Actually what really happened was that Lauren defeated Treena, and commanded her to "Kiss my Ass!"

    Treena resisted a bit, but finally submitted, puckered up, and obediently kissed Lauren's ass cheek.

  4. ECNWC was #38. Treena vs Heidi in which Treena wore skimpy red outfit and looked teriffic ! She fought well against Heidi, an athletic blonde. At one point, Heidi had a handful of Treena's panties but got distracted maybe by something said off camera. ECNWC seems to have ground to a hault soon after making about 6 more vids. More Treena please !!!

  5. Let's see... Treena Collins, Grace, Chantel Lace, Rubeye Reilly,
    Uschi Digard, Goldie Blair, Lisa Marie, Luna Winter,
    Petra of DWW and...that's nine can't think of a tenth!