Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Had Not Seen It (VIII)

Yes, it is the series about NWWL "private" matches again, with one addition found in DailyMotion. In fact, it is not a non-audience match since it has Carmen Electra as MC and a lot of background noise from a putative audience ( I  could not see anyone of the lucky guys chosen to participate...).

On top of not having seen this fight before, I was not aware of this Josie Ann Josianne - nothing less than my beloved Mutiny - being part of NWWL stable. Maybe our experts can clarify her involvement with the nude pro-wrestling outlet that left a gap in the market.

IMHO, Cleopatra - another crush of mine - and Mutiny did a good fight under the producer rules.



  1. Yeah, I had just seen this myself last week. I wonder if she did any other NWWL matches.


  2. As the top monitor of the female fight scene, I'm surprised that you weren't aware of this match. It comes from the pinnacle of NWWL's achievement, a live with audience PPV called Naked Revolution, recorded in Toronto in 2007. There were 5 matches on the card including professionals Annie Social and April Hunter. They even had Jimmy Hart along to drive the 'storyline'. The Mutiny match was one of the five. It was the only outing she ever did for NWWL, as they folded soon after.

    The event never made it out on DVD, but you can watch most, if not all of the matches on Dailymotion, and download the whole event from a thousand file sharing services.

    As I have said before, I wait in hope for another NWWL to come along, but there are no signs of this happening any time just now,

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    2. Thanks, Oreganphil, for clarifying the subject as "the" NWWL expert. Do not lose hope, somebody will come up with the missing footage. Cheers

    3. Oreganphil,
      Few months ago Astro posted some of the NWWL "private matches".
      When you say you're expecting more NWWL's materials, did you mean brand new footages or the missing parts of
      the private matches?
      Do you have or do you know who could have the other 3 matches with Harley Davodsin? (BTW, what is her real name?)
      Finally, do you know whether is there another show with the same kind of stuff like NWWL beeing produced today?

  3. Some answers for anonymous:
    I was just a customer of NWWL, not an insider, so I don't know what I don't know. I had all of the 'private matches' available on their website, but only kept what I liked best. All that I have now, Astro has published. If there is anyone else who has the remaining matches, they are not sharing them. I do not know Harley's (or any of the other girls') real names.

    I think that there is probably a store of unpublished NWWL footage somewhere (including 'other camera' stuff from the live shows), but don't expect to see that for a long time, if at all. NWWL is dead, so there won't be any new material.

    Finally, as I commented above, if there is another show with the same kind of stuff as NWWL did, please tell me now, because I don't know of one.