Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Old Problems, New Page, Good Solutions, Bad News

You may have noticed a new tab below the big picture of our Blog fighters - Trisha and Becky - for fights in the old movies. That  is intend to serve as a repository for the rare findings from DailyMotion user Flooon which were on display on Theater Two; "were" because his account there was cancelled and those clips were gone.

Let us see if we can re-post those very good scenes here in the near future. There is are already one two items there that was not allowed on DailyMotion. Stay tuned!


Our contributor has decided to join the brave army of women fighting bloggers and has just started to upload his rich archive of vintage catfights in movies. It is here and we wish a long live to the initiative.


It seems that some opponent of erotic sports has taken control of DailyMotion because dozens of movies have been removed from several uploaders lately: the endless war between fans and blockers is at full speed...


  1. Much, Much Appreciation for flooon's contributions over there. If they can be re-posted with others of similar genre in your new repository (hopefully nobody will go ballistic over that) that would be superb.

    Great Shout-outs to the movies blog. Not everything there may be to my liking but the effort is greatly laudable.

    So with everything that's been and continues to go on here, I only want to again give you the Highest Superior ratings for everything you're doing.

    I never patronize. I just call it like it is ... and calling all your work First-Class is barely able to communicate that.

    1. Thank you, thank you, Panther100, always very kind...