Friday, January 11, 2013

Let Me Go (50): APL Festival

Yes, the headscissors series is still alive: this time with an APL selection of topless and nude fighters that includes the following videos from the Portugal´s outlet: #325 (Kinga vs Vanda), #334 (Dakota vs Nadege, with reversals and a mutual hold), #350 (Reny vs Kira), #459 (Szilvi vs Zsoka) and #523 (Mutiny vs Quischa). Enjoy them!



  1. Thank you for this montage of the most exciting hold in women s wrestling. The beauty of the head scissors is that it highlights the gleaming muscularity of the thighs of the girl applying the hold and the threshing legs of the girl trying to escape. Could you point me to your opinion of the most punishing head scissor ever applied by one girl to another please?

  2. I love these videos and think that the headscissors is by fat the most erotic wrestling hold when watching women wrestle. I am still bound and determined to find pics or videos of DOUBLE headscissors. I can't find any. But kudos to these. They are DELICIOUS.