Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Theater Two: Rare Vintage Clips

I have the belief that all women fighting images and footage from the past will eventually surface on the Web (before I die...) to our pleasure and entertainment: that is the reason WWW means the Wonderful Wide Web to me.

To show that, I got to know that a DailyMotion user, nicknamed "flooon", few days ago put together an outstanding array of fighting clips from several sources: Super8 (you know the meaning, don´t you?) flicks from catfight producers, adult and prison movies, documentaries, from US and Europe.  There are many topless and naked women, also a lot of mud wrestling scenes - which were popular at the time. They have high entertainment quality, are very erotic in general and I had never seem most of them. More, the fellow uploader has done a very good job of documenting the sources.

For those reasons, these clips (about 50 and counting) are replacing Theater Two for a while. The first one in the list - a Super8 movie of a naked catfight tournament, is a prime collector´s item. You might prefer going directly to DailyMotion source, of course.

Those findings have lighted up my memories as a female fighting fan. The first moving images I saw with fighting women were from a thirty second B&W TV clip showing a US pro scene. The country where I lived at that time did not broadcast wrestling at all, let alone bouts between girls. I was just a kid, the sexual trigger was not on yet, but the scene remains clear until today.

Only years later, in a European documentary of the "Mondo Cane" genre - from Italy or Germany, I do not remember - I saw my second short sequence of fighting: this time a mud wrestling in a German night club. It lasted one minute or so, I stayed in the theater to watch those precious moments in the following session and I would return in another day yet just because of that scene!

The unforgettable minute is in one of the clips collected by the user "flooon" and it is reproduced below: today, it looks ridiculous, blurred, dark, the women are ugly, many defects (however, the mud in the butt is still good...): but it is my long kept souvenir. Thank you very much,  "flooon"...

Note (1): the playlist has been updated since the post and now features "The Heat of Summer" classic catfight on top. Unfortunately, it is a very dark copy: I will see if I can make some editing and improve it.

Note (2): our benefactor continues to provide rare videos and now the #1 in the playlist is a B&W private film shot decades ago.

Note (3): DailyMotion has blocked all Flooon user contribtions; they are now available at the blog Catfights in Films (see Links A to C).


  1. Thank you so much for putting these clips up. I have always enjoyed movie fights as the settings give variety that you don't get in a ring. Unfortunately most of the fight often ends up on the cutting room floor. I was reminded of this while watching a clip titled beach catfight. It is in fact from the movie When Dinosaurs ruled the Earth and involved Victoria Vetri vs Imogene Hassel. I used to have a magazine article in which Imogene gets interviewed about the movie. She talked about how flimsy the little leafy bikinis where. They couldn't stand up to rough treatment Both bikinis rapidly disintegrated during the fight leaving the two girls naked. Nobody told them to stop, so they kept fighting. Imogene (the brunette) observed sadly that it was her favorite scene and most of it would not make it on to the big screen.

    Another movie from the early seventies suffered even worse. When I first saw Where Does it Hurt starring Peter Sellers it had a short but spirited fight between Jo Ann Pflug and a blonde. There was more to the fight than what we saw and sadly it was later cut out of the movie altogether. A long version of that fight would be worth finding.

    I get a lot of pleasure from your site and deeply appreciate all the hard work you put into it.

    1. Thanks, Brian, for your remarks. And the challenge is launched to all Blog readers: where are those valuable missing footage?

  2. Where does it hurt is on Youtube but it is the edited version and the fight is cut short. It looks great (at around the 75 minute mark) but you will wish for much more

    1. Thanks for the information; yes, the catfight lasts just for 3 seconds.