Thursday, January 31, 2013

State Of The Business

I got emails from two readers that are worth mentioning here. One has noticed that DWW is apparently dormant since the beginning of the year, after having made remarks at the end of 2012 they were facing financial difficulties. It would be an huge damage if one the main providers of entertainment gets out of the business. Would any of you have additional information?

Second one was related to NWWL and the missing gap of nude pro-wrestling suppliers. He says APL has added semi-competitive bouts (semi-competitive, competitive, near-staged, etc. are always subjective, of course) with wrestlers fully naked in a ring which are enjoyable, specially APL718 with LuchaGirls manager Jezabella. Therefore, if you are craving for this sub-genre, please, give a look there (and leave your opinion here later on). 

If you are a producer, get to know there is a market for that,. But, please, pay attention to what customers exactly want (well, that is my opinion...): a pro-wrestling bout, with a variety of well executed holds from the standard catalog (boston crabs, figure fours, headscissors, and another one hundred ideas) and not a lame rolling around with a long porn finale using plastic devices: is that so difficult??? And more: would it be possible to find a women wrestler who does not remove ALL of her pubic hair???? (just look at the drawing below for both requirements).

That is it for January 31st, 2013.


  1. Culture is getting more violent. The first producer who gets foxy combat quality girls, fighting ecnw style will cash in.

    p.s. been coming here a long time thanks.

  2. I think the people behind DWW are now running

  3. I've been coming here for quite a bit. Been browsing the fetish since I was young. The culture of this fetish I think has spoken loud and clear, only producers don't "get it". I wouldn't say the more violent the more we like it. Some matches are so violent you're more concerned with the well being of the person than the actual action.

    The thing that I think all of us who watch the fetish is the intensity of catfighting. We want to watch 2 competitors engage in wrestling/fighting with spirit and a desire to win. Look at any early Joan Wise/Jaguar Videos, Some Crystal Films, and ECNW. Those films all have one thing in common both girls want to win and they're often not friendly about that win.

    The problem we see here is that as you've pointed out there are two camps within this fetish. One lingers on the porn side and the other the strict competitive side. Ultimate surrender tries to go to the extreme on both ends and fails miserably(And those god damned shoes). Double Trouble has the right idea with background and the girls acting like they don't like one another with trash talking but there's just nothing of substance there. Some DWW can be spirited, but even then you know that the women treat it as a sport rather than an erotic event. I'll be honest I don't get excited to watch a sport.

    Even scripted videos can work sometimes. Take Action Sports Video, great looking women, and when it's not the annoying 2 v 1 or one sided part of the match the fake-me out wrestling looks realistic and it's exciting. Same could be said for Ringmaster girls, it was scripted but the action was good enough to fool people.

    I think personally things that catfighting could use is an actual dedicated title match and rankings. More matches in rings, not on boring mats, or outside and apartment matches are always a classic. Stare downs, and trash talking are awesome. After a submission depending on the intensity of fighting humiliation should be welcomed.

    Lastly I think what producers should emphasize on the females is that you should be a person that wants nothing more to win, and would hate to lose. Also don't forget to make your opponent remember that.

    (Things that NEED TO GO: Ugly shoes/Boots/footwear. While in a grueling hold don't smile and go "Get off me" Looking at you Dangerous Video. )

    (Things that should come in: More belly punching and hard hits. Tougher competitors. Title based matches. Stare downs and trash talking. )

    1. Mr. Producer, you have here a candid opinion of a knowledgeable customer...

      As to the opinions above, I may have a different opinion here and there, but I agree 100% about boots: naked and wearing boots???!!! let´s start a campaign to not buying anything with wrestlers in boots!

      Thanks for the lenghty and thoughtful comment

    2. Fortunately I've discovered someone else with the same opinion.
      Anonymous above described the current situation of the nude catfight/wrestling productions: or it's focused on the eroticism/sex with poor action, or it's focused on the action with poor sensuality/femininity.
      Like him, I just can't get excited by viewing a true greco-roman/jiu-jitsu/judo match, even if the girls are completely naked. But it's also boring to see gorgeous, big-tited girls that can't perform simple classic wrestling movements satisfactorily.
      A girl receiving a boston crab is not supposed to laugh, she's supposed to cry in pain!
      I think the hardest point about this is finding girls that are at the same time: beautiful, wrestling skilled and up to perform it naked. Imagine, how much money a wew diva would charge to wrestle naked? A risky enterprise to any producer in these times of piracy.
      And I keep saying: NWWL was the closest to this idea.
      Last, I don't see a big problem in the boots. Some girls, despite the cute body, have feet that deserve to be covered rsrsrsrs Wrestling boots also help them to perform the movements, climb the ropes, etc and give an aggressive aspect to the girl.

    3. The truth beg=hind female wrestling/cat-fighting is that we (those who purchase and are engaged with the fetish) are attracted to the idea of a challenge. Two EQUAL competitors dueling it out in a serious erotic way.

      I'll be honest I've now become more attracted to the "porn" films that feature cat-fighting/wrestling. (I.E. Not DT, US, or APL.). The reason is they offer a background story into how this developed, and how these two athletes(not to say they're fit) are going against one another.

      This fetish as I pointed out before has been divided into two camps which are the porn camp and the sport camp. Most of us catfighting fans/wrrestling fans find a balance between the two. We like Lisa Marie's Domination in the scripted realm (I.E. Her vs Robin, and her non-scripted versions (I.E. Her vs. Simone [Greeneyes.Com/Jaguar Videos((or Joan Wise Videos)).]

      The idea of her competing as a woman to win is exciting. I think the work that Dragonlilly has done with "" is phenomenal. Her prior engagements with US is pathetic (Mainly because of how each match is conducted).

      However, regarding the OPs issue, the main issue (IMO) that producers don't offer either enough incentive (due to monetary issues/performers)or go into a business with a lack of capital.

      I'll be honest here; I truly believe that if a decent strip club were to offer deceit wages based off of sales via internet. The said club could get two or more performers to competitively compete against one another they would win.

      If you need an example look at who really made this fetish big.

      -Amy O.
      - Jana N.
      - Venus Delight
      - Alecia
      - Claudia
      - Jewel M.
      - Bianca (Eve)
      - Franchesca
      - Candi
      - Kristy E.
      - Raven
      - MWO girls
      - Greeneys AFFL fighters
      - ECMW girls
      - Crystal

      One thing they share is a intesntiy/faux-competiveness that we all share. This is what we (the fans of this fetish) I think we all desire. The idea of attractive females competing in the most basic form of sport. Fighting/Wrestling. We want this competition to not be only about the sport we see today in modern sports but rather we expect our producers (of whom the most of us support) to entice the females to make it as real as possible and to make it as personal as possible.

  4. YES,more competitive ring matches! Wresting to win, not to have some kind of sex crap.Please keep the sex out of wrestling and catfighting!!I also would like to see women STOP shaving off pubic hair!Is it so hard to have two nice looking women topless or nude wrestling in a ring with both trying to win the match?Fighting for pride,in front of people,husbands, boyfriend's, money and a championship maybe.
    The Ultimate for me would to take the movie ALL THE MARBLES and have the women topless, everything else the same.

    P.S. I like wrestling boots. It gives the women a pro wrestling look.

  5. I would like to see fights with evenly matched attractive girls, that are scripted california wildcats style up until the actual fight. I think a lot of producers have forgot how important the build up and scenario of a fight can be.
    As far as the fights go they should be real with rules. Like ecnwc or crystal ect. I see some of you are more partial to the wrestling. I do jiu jitsu and thai boxing so when i see women fight i prefer them to be untrained and not set in a professional setting such as a mat or ring.
    For the record seeing women wrestle on wwf was one of my gateways into this world.

  6. It has been a detailed and fruitful exchange of opinions. It seems to me there is still a good variety of options that attract customers but I have noticed two common points of view: YES to a clear winning attitude and NO to the porn add-ons (literally...).
    NWWL is not the only style I miss: Crystal Hellfire and Women Warriors come quickly to my mind. In the first case, I was told that APL has intentions to dedicate its resources to the nude pro-wrestling. Great: hope others will join then. A personal and humble advice: just look at Mildred Burke´s footage, never mind her modest production standards.

    Thanks everybody for the contributions so far.