Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More Ideas For Olympics 2016

Besides the women wrestling with sexier outfits as the ones used in beach volleyball, suggestion already posted, I have got another important contribution to the International Olympic Committee (lol). Why not women rugby wearing something more entertaining? This is basically a fighting sport always in the shadow of men´s game but could get more coverage if the marketing lessons from beach volleyball were observed.

I thought it was an original idea until I found there were other persons who had already realized that women rugby just needed a better clothing supplier. Just watch an YouTube list of initiatives in this regard.

In the playlist, there are publicity, women athletes calendars, beach rugby and, more interesting, clips about a certain rugby league in Czech Republic that perfectly understood my idea.


  1. Thank you for putting up these clips, I found them most entertaining. I do however feel obligated to introduce a touch of reality. Rugby Sevens (not to be confused with other forms of the game) makes its Olympic debut in 2016. There will be competition for both men's and women's teams. The growth in the sport worldwide has been very strong in the last few years. Even without the skimpy outfits I'm sure it will be a crowd favorite. Here in New Zealand we are taking it seriously and I know we are not alone in this. I like the idea of sexy outfits but will be cheering our girls on no matter what they wear.

  2. And of course there is the well publicised Lingerie Bowl in the USA, though I prefer the Sexy Liga variety (of football).