Monday, January 28, 2013

Theaters To Begin The Week

The new blog Catfights in Films is getting bigger, YouTube has new generic women fighting material and "painful holds" stayed online for enough time. Therefore, I am moving back to the standard blog Theaters organisation, with Theaters One and Two exhibiting YouTube videos with at least four minutes (exceptions allowed), Theater Three with a variable theme and Theater Four, holding up while it is possible, with topless (or more...) fights.

Theater Three is changing to digital games, topic where I would like to have more options. Technically, everything you see here is a string of bits, but in this case the fighting characters themselves are made of software and not flesh. There are a couple of titles on YouTube featuring women in combat (without spears, axes, bazookas, and so on). They come from "Dead Or Alive (DOA)" and "Rumble Roses". Neither one of them has a good grade as to wrestling quality:  DOA has sexy and well rendered characters but few women wrestling bouts; "Rumble Roses" has good pro-wrestling bouts but they do not have top quality animation.

Hey, producers there is a market out there for R-rated pro-wrestling with those sexy slim Japanese wrestlers (just an example).


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