Monday, February 11, 2013

"From Russia With Love", Once More

The legendary catfight scene in Terence Young´s James Bond movie has always details which were unknown to me. Now I have found out an interview with the actresses, Aliza Gur and Martina Beswick, who played with the souls of real fighters the brawling at the gypsies encampment. They had to do it, since Terence, as a recognized women combat fan, was very knowledgeable in the subject.

And it is good to see both Aliza and Martina so beautiful in the mature age.


Note: I was not aware that in 2013 we celebrate the 50th anniversary of "From Russia with Love" release whose premiere took place in London on October 10th, 1963.


  1. I wonder if younger fans are aware of the fact that the first few James Bond films were based very closed on the books by Ian Fleming. This of course didn't last long into the series but From Russia with Love closly followed the original book with some adjustments made to avoid getting banned. In the book the gypsy girls got ripped completely nude and their uninhibited savagery included breast biting. If the makers of the film had not made a good job of the fight, within the restrictions of "good taste," fans of the book would have been outraged. What fans? I have seen it listed as the favorite book of President John F. Kennedy.

  2. Interesting ...

    Hadn't any idea how closely the first few JB movies were following or based on the books' scripts.

    I'd say Young did very well and Aliza and Martina were superb.

    Yeah, the violence was probably pushed to the acceptable max back then (and, imho, by my standards that would be true even today).

    (Hell ... I'd even venture to say they might have a desire to re-enact that scene. I bet they could do damn well do it again ... and make themselves and their fans damn proud ... Wouldn't surprise me a bit.).