Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Theater Three: Two Colors Only

A long list of female fights in black & white film is available on YouTube and I know there are a couple of fans among the readers. It includes all genres: pro-wrestling, olympic style, Bettie Page and her companions, catfights, brawls on the movies and more.

The one below is very likely from the 1940s and it is one of the sexiest from that period.



  1. I always love seeing these old things ; brings back many memories of WAAAYY back when I was seeking out FF material in the back of wrestling magazines and staying up all hours to watch a terrible movie just for the 30 second cat fight.

    What is also cool is getting to see a lot of stuff I saw advertised by Triumph Studios but never bought because I didn't own a movie projector, LOL. A movie projector and movie reels would have been nearly impossible for me to hide from my Mom or later, the girlfriends, compared to VHS tapes or DVD's :>) .

    So thanks to you I finally get to see those female fighting stars of the day like Jackie Lens, Bettie Page and Ann Wooden doing their giggly roll-arounds that passed for girl fighting at the time.

    As bad as those productions by Irving Klaw are to us now, there was an excellent artist during the same time that put out some of the sexiest FF drawings illustrating FF stories. I'm sure everyonme here knows who I'm talking about, though I just can't remember his name right now ..... but his art work depicting the sexiness of two women wrestling / catfighting still stands up to anything offered today.

    Anyway, thanks for the trip down ' FF Memory Lane'.

    1. Hi, my friend, your fan life history seems like my own... I guess we try to retrieve the missing experiences watching those old frames which should not be of great interest to new generations.

      And the artist you mention should be Stanton (or Stan, as he also signed).

      Thanks for your contribution.


  2. Soon as I posted I remembered his name was Stanton.

    Yeah, it's not that I miss going through the TV Guide in search of a movie with a girl fight, it's that seeing these old things remind me of how many light years we have traveled seeking this stuff.

    How difficult it was and now how easy it is to view just about anything you want at any time.

  3. WOW! I simply love the black and white concept. The 1st video is my favorite. Both women are very hot and sensual. I would love to have met them. WHEW!!!!!!