Sunday, March 10, 2013

Besides Images, Words...

A fellow reader wrote several scripts for catfights in certain scenes of past movies which could have perfectly happened in the original story context. Those scripts will be posted in a separate page that appears in a tab on the top of the blog main section.
Catfight stories are not my preferred source of entertainment but I know there are many fans of text descriptions of brawls, fights and the like. With the help of my friend contributor, I will add this feature to the blog. And, to keep my style, with some pictures of the actresses... ( unfortunately, not following the suggested script...).


  1. I don't comment because I'm more of a watcher than a talker. :-) But, if I were to comment I would say this. My particular catfight fantasy isn't to see a woman degraded. My fantasy is to see my heroine lose a fight to her female rival and then need to be comforted by the hero (me.) :-) I am older and so I like a more mature woman scene. But, either way that's a little bit of my fantasy. Be it written or visual.

  2. Well for your information, I read last week that Susan Strong has retired and moved to New Zealand.