Friday, March 8, 2013

My Crush (I)

For whatever reason, I always had a crush on Susan Strong, the Mancunian fighter, who wrestled mainly for TPC and Festelle, late 1980s and 1990s. Having a fragile body frame, she was most of the time in the losing side of the match, in various occasions with a resigned smile towards her predicaments. I would bet she had a sweet nature and card games would be more adequate than wrestling for her. She had good moments, though. According to this site, she is retired and living in New Zealand (maybe with Jill Monroe ? (lol)). As I said above, love does not need to be explained.

Anyway, she made a career in the business and there is a respectable footage of Susan fights around. Below is a sample of what I have of Festelle videos, starting with FV39 Swiss Tournament, likely a private event later released to the general public. Notice she was already 32 at that time. Then comes FV31-4 - where she fights Kelly, FV33 - against Ria (her arch enemy) and Sammy, FV42 - battling Leonie, FV78 - being mauled by Maggie and FV145 - against Luna. The last segment comes from Festelle Sampler.

The fight below is one of the best in the Susan´s career: against Amy, for Ringside Productions, and quite erotic.

Next time, I will post the second part with her career at TPC Video.


  1. Simply amazing. Thank you so much.

  2. When I got interested in female wrestling about 30-25 years back , not many companies were around in Europe; TPC was not one of them. In My days there was the UK based WISC (Women International Sports Club) which features women amateur wrestling. If I recall correctly, Susan Strong was the girl to beat in that time even was the clubchampion for a while. I can understand why she became the petsy later in her career ... anyone wants to beat the (former) champ.

    It has happened than and it happened on numerous occasions in other clubs too. The champion gets beaten eventually and many comers want a piece of her and ...get it too :)

    Susan Strong ... Strong & sexy in her own way !