Friday, April 26, 2013

Fight Of Generations

At the time of the fight, Mary was 49 years old and Brandy was... younger (and I think she was the daughter of Lady Hawke herself). The producer has been out of business since a long time ago but they left a legacy of good competitive combats which are almost non-existent nowadays. At least with this kind of big size ordinary ladies - who can be very sexy as Mary on her revealing swimsuit!



  1. A big thumb's up to Mary's swimsuit. It got my attention for the whole fight! How about a theater devoted to Lady Hawke fights like this?

  2. Mary rocks in that sexy suit!

  3. when is the wedgie?

    thank you for an awesome blog.

    do you have a hold of the many wrestling videos you have tht involve wedgies? do you have any theatres for wedgies?

  4. I enjoy the sound of the struggle especially as each women tries to slip her opponents head between her thighs to obtain a crushing headscissor submission.Headscissors a great holds for larger women to use