Monday, April 22, 2013

Let Me Go (51): Breasts And Scissors

Being Double Trouble, one may expect large and exposed breasts in this sequence of headscissors. It is acting as usual but its quality varies. The first segment is the best: Eve Ellis vs Tina Z (DT640). Second one is still good (don´t know the wrestlers), third (Diana Knight vs Jana Cat) and fourth (Jewell Marceau vs Cassie) are just regular.



  1. Hurricane Havana and Francesca Le are in the second clip.

  2. The blond lady in the second segment is Sabrina aka Hurricane Havana.
    She is one of my favourite wrestlers. She fought for Video Sport,Tanya Kicks,DT,Steel Kittens,Sabre studios,and many more.
    I saw her for the first time in a real tough match from Tanya kicks production,it was a catfight against lady called tweety, under the title of " Cuban Crisis".
    sadly I couldn't find the whole video :( .

  3. 2nd match is Francesca Le vs. Sabrina Stone