Friday, April 19, 2013

Sub-genre #37

One may call this sub-genre "fights in half-kimonos", when women leave the trousers in the dressing room and go to the mat with just the top piece from the usual outfit used in judo and BJJ. However, they use 50% of the uniform but there is not even a 1% of judo techniques in the two videos below. Well, who cares???

The first is APL 115 and it was brought to my attention by a Blog reader: it is a round-robin match with Kristie Etzold, Sonia and another fighter whom I could not identify. It is here almost in full (I do not have the first segment) because is out of catalog.

The second is a sample of a Les Femmes Fatales video in the same sub-genre (if there is more than one video, it is a sub-genre ... (lol)) with Robin herself against the sexy Kristiana. Instead of thongs, they are using pantyhoses. Curiosity: both half-kimono fights have stars in interracial combats.



  1. I believe that's "Casey" up against Kristie in the first post...

  2. Both great competitors, Kristie and Robin. (I've had the honor of grappling with both of them.) I wish I had requested the Kimonos, you can find a girl in a two piece just about any where, any time, but a Kimono, now that's special!