Monday, May 6, 2013

When The Fighting Stars Were Younger (14)

After more than one year, I am back with a new issue of this series. And with two young to be fighting stars: Tina and Robin. They have already been featured on the Blog but never one against each other. Tina has a teenager appearance and Robin only looks older because she has an heavy make-up. And our tiny Sweden had not the habit of epilation at that time.

The video is Women Warriors W32 and it is in full: I do not believe it is available anywhere. I kept the interviews at the beginning and the ending of the movie. 



  1. LOL, this is the youngest I've ever seen Robin ... she looks like she's 14 years old. I don't think I'd know it was her if I wasn't told if I just saw pictures , but the voice would have given it away.

  2. Tina is so nice and sweet. Too bad she retired.