Monday, April 29, 2013

Sub-genre #17

Wrestlers can wear bikinis for fighting purposes and they will not be naked, of course. However, there are occasions when the combat goes on with one (or two) of them with the bottom part halfway down her legs. Therefore, even with bikinis, it will be a nude fight! From the old times, a Curtis Dupont long sequence (the bikini gets down at the end) and one of the Berlim Fights from AS Film.

It might be cumbersome to the girls but it adds a pinch of erotic salt to the combats (and a desire to help them getting rid of the problem...).



  1. wow what a real gem

  2. I think the woman in red in the Curtis Dupont sequence is porn star Little Oral Annie, aka Annie Owens.

  3. The tall girl in black bikini in the first clip looks like Hanna Vieck but not 100% sure ... speaking of veterans ;)