Monday, August 19, 2013

Legs Apart

One of the most attractive holds in female wrestling is the leg spreading (or splitting) when one woman manages to grab and keep the opponent´s limbs apart forming a (sexy) giant letter v. But there are variations which can give the hold different degrees of appealing. Below, in the first segment from Steel Kittens SK-91, we have a scripted scenario with hot women in scanty clothing; in the second from Academy AX250 Dia Zerva vs La Angel Blanca, we still see staging but the clothing is better; finally, in the third one from Lady Hawke Pepper vs Natasha, the combat is fully competitive and the suits are quite conservative. Which one do you prefer?



  1. " ... in the second ... we still see staging but the clothing is better " ... Yes, quite RIGHT ... So I'll just add, "WELL-said !!!"

    Actually, that's a very good question. So for various reasons, I prefer them all. Each has its own merits and so for preference I can't really rank one better than the other.

    In other words, I mean that as a High Compliment to your skill as a great selector and compiler.

    1. Competitive female nude fighting is outstanding
      to watch. So even if this one is not very competitive i still prefer it.

  2. Thank you very much, Panther100, I was missing your support.