Monday, August 26, 2013

A Crush From Old Times And The Female Fighting Fetish

Wrestling tapes (a dinosaur known as VHS) had started to be affordable to my wallet when I noticed the stark resemblance of DWW´s Lada with a working place colleague from Latin America - who was my (secret) crush at that time. Same short height, long hair, overall body shape, butt and breasts. Those later two were just a guessing since I never had the opportunity to check Luciana´s (yes, they had the same initials!) in close inspection. And another coincidence: they both had dance as a hobby.

For a good period of time, Lada´s combats have been Luciana´s for my delight: it was a pity that the Czech had not stayed in activity for more time. And both vanished in the dust of the time...

The video has 30 min of Lada accomplishments - by the way, she was a reasonable fighter as shown in some moments. All from DWW, the sample includes the following productions and adversaries:
#43-2 (Wlanka),        #39 (Alexis),     #40 (Stephanie) (notice Lada making fun of Jeff, the Ref, and our friend putting his hands on her robe where she was ... naked: was he payed for being the referee? shameful...),    #41 (Hana),     #43-1 (Margit),      #47-2 (Timea) (one of the sexiest combats of all times),    #43-3 (Camilla) and     #50 (Sarah, another sexy dancer).




  1. im a big catfight fan from egypt , i prefer more agreesive fights like bitchfight uk .. great blog man

  2. Thank you for this wonderful post, celebrating Lada, an overlooked wrestler who certainly has not received the recognition she deserves. While this is probably due, as you note, to the short period during which she competed for DWW, I submit that Lada (along with Stephanie and Timea) were absolutely critical in the development of our beloved pastime. Harkening back to my own days of receiving VHS tapes, DWW was principally engaged in featuring attractive, athletic women in competitive action. They had a few ladies, such as Mary, who one could fairly call "sexy," but the vast majority were in Hana's mold -- attractive and athletic, yes, but not particularly sensual.

    Lada didn't just break the mold, she blew it apart. The young lady just oozes sensuality, and most importantly, combined it with a will to win and not inconsiderable mat skills. Back then, if one wanted to watch a lady with Lada's undefinable "something," one would probably be relegated to watching a scripted match.

    But Lada, along with Stephanie and Timea, changed all of that. I agree that Lada's match with Timea is a classic, but would also suggest that her oil match with Stephanie is also world class. Looking back, one can fairly say that Lada was essentially the forerunner of ladies such as Ingrid, Lucille and Kim-Ly, each of whom has captured great numbers of fans due to their combination of allure, desire to win and wrestling skill.

    Thanks again for bringing his undeservedly overlooked superstar to light!

    1. Thanks for your deep and thoughtful comments.

  3. lada is a wonderful Lady. Unfortunately, she was only three years a fightergirl in the Team of dww. Does anyone know what she does doday.

  4. The first part of this clip is so exciting with Lada trying to avoid a schoolgirl press which is one of the best holds to watch. This is a simple hold and one which I've seen many times on clips and live at school and seeing it with matches set up with friends etc. I love the fact that there is a girl ref watching and trying to get the count. I give Lada credit but it looks like she will be deposed of with that girl being relentless indeed. Always great seeing the legs twisting and going every which way to avoid a pin. I love the one piece suits they have on also.