Monday, September 2, 2013

Sports From The Past (II)

Following the series about the legendary Video Sports Limited (a company that was associated to another legend, California Wildcats), another summary video with three great combats from V041 Power Women #1. A production not that strong on the sex appeal but a model of competition spirit. 

Notice in the first fight a well known character in a different role: Jeff, the Ref, as coach of poor Brenda, who did not put much resistance to the sturdy Julie. And, again (see the previous post...), watch Jeff giving a consolation hug on the hot Brenda: some of fringe benefits of working in the female combat business.



  1. Interesting to see Jeff in a slightly different role.When asked about his role in the ring with so many topless girls he was quoted as saying he didn't have the problems of other fans as he wasn't married.

  2. Still a mystery to me of how VSL had such poor sales to the point where they had to shut it down. They produced some of the best stuff with the best girls back then ....