Monday, September 9, 2013


As the saying goes, a good foreplay is a prerequisite for success. Even in female combats. The trick of these two videos is showing the dressing proceedings... before they eventually get naked or half-naked. I have found very exciting the minutes chosen by the movie editor on the subject. In the first segment we have DWW FOM-339 Luzia vs Tiffany (what a beauties!) and in the second Raslin´Gal RG-085 Charlee vs Brandy (what a breasts!).



  1. Yes! More please - dressing and (especially) undressing sequences.

  2. The setup is certainly part of the whole experience whether or not it includes undressing. Leather and Lace had fun with pre-fight inspections where the woman ref would inspect the breasts and crotch areas of the one-piece clad wrestlers. It was quite erotic.

  3. Set up and mystery... This is vital... NO INTERVIEWS.. Be pros. Real holds.. The second match was great.