Monday, September 30, 2013

Six Headscissors

That is, three double headscissors in several modes: staged, semi-competitive, fighting for real, dressed girls, half-dressed and no dresses at all. Everyone is very good to watch: CattyFights CF007, DWW 042 Timea vs Agnes (submission included) and Fighting Style Eva vs Kata.



  1. I always find these headscissors incredibly sexy, fascinating (mesmerizing ?) and (in a sense) a great type of competitive, "gorgeous" form of female "physical" art.

    They obviously take a lot of stamina to apply and keep going (and even more to endure) but they're just amazing !!! (imho).

    If they can be kept going as long as possible by easing up on the pressure ... THAT'S THE RIGHT IDEA !!! (again, imho).

  2. Sexy and sensational. Many thanks for posting.

  3. Would I wouldn't give to see two black women bodybuilders locked in double head scissors. Case in point; Lenda Murray and Vicky Gates. This would be off the charts eroticism !