Monday, September 23, 2013

Sub-genre #61

I should have noticed before that this kind of fighting is a sub-genre... and one I favor of! I am talking about women combatants in a particular wrestling suit - pantyhoses - and nothing else. The demonstration video has scenes of three productions within the sub-genre: Akira vs Tylene (very likely from Double Trouble), followed by two fights from TPC S.C.S. 7 - Jill Monroe (yes, the hot one!) vs Sherry and Louise vs Lori and the third production from Leather & Lace Pantyhose Fighters (quite obvious, isn´t?). Notice that I have included as much building-up footage as possible.

And remember: this sub-genre is only for women in pantyhoses with nothing underneath; should they use pants as well, it would be #62 (lol).

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