Monday, October 21, 2013

Flood Of 3D Fights

You might be aware of this artist - CalvadosJapan´s - who regularly publishes on Deviant Art hundreds and hundreds of detailed female combats drawings. It is amazing how detailed the wrestling moves are; you could very well use them as an animation storyboard project. Considering the difficulty of producing good 3D art using Poser software (the art on the top of this page was done using it), the pro fights illustrated on the site must have required a tremendous amount of time and skill. Below is a sample of my favorite moments.


  1. Yes ... He and other artists are exponentially improving the fem-vs-fem artwork scene over there and it's impressive how much production has increased. The rendition software has vastly improved over time but it seems so has the visual acumen of the artist.

    Will wonders never cease ??? ...

  2. But still it has that plastic-look-and-feel which does not reach the erotic charisma of hand-drawn fight scenes, even if done very clumsy...Anyway, the number of his pics is a real nuisance pest and I just call it spam.